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We are a management and investment company specialized in the business development of entrepreneurial projects, either on our own or on third parties' behalf, in the food & wine, high-end hospitality, estate business, leisure & lifestyle sectors.


We add concrete value to the market through a driven and ambitious way to operate

Created with the aim of “industrializing” the values, know-how and approaches of its founders, atCarmen's activity is twofold:

  • To develop from scratch and manage competitive concepts originated from the vision and creativity of Martino de Rosa and Carmen Moretti's ideas addressing to a sophisticated, international and high-spending audience (create & make logic)
  • To incubate, accelerate and in some cases acquire (buy & develop logic) existing concepts, national or international, exclusive and unique, and nonrepeatable Italian excellence often linked to "extraordinary personalities", who are leaders in their sector

The ‘exclusivity’ features of the company do not foresee a massive and serial development of concepts but an implementation of single models in specific national and international contexts where the difference can be made and positive externalities on the local territory can be realized.

atCarmen expertise
atCarmen expertise
atCarmen expertise

Transversal approach
and international expertise

We keep bringing into the world an original and authentic way of doing business, where intuition, passion and style act in unison with solid managerial skills, know-how and professionalism.

We capitalize on the international success and unique transversal competences of our founders, Martino de Rosa and Carmen Moretti, to shape and nurture the atCarmen of tomorrow. Our company embodies their creative spirit, boldness and out-of-the-box vision, and never stop looking beyond.

Now we have become the main references for entrepreneurs and investors, Italian and foreign, looking for partners of the highest reliability, expertise and authority to entrust the management of all aspects of business development strategies.

What we do

  • Creation and Incubation of valuable, replicable and scalable projects with a strong identity and recognizability mainly in the food & wine, retail and hospitality sectors.
  • Strategic Development and Investment in its corporate portfolio regarding which atCarmen is responsible for the development from an operational and financial side, supervising and defining strategies and guiding business decisions.
  • National and international scale: atCarmen's businesses are initially developed in the local Italian context, but with an operational and financial model aimed at giving them a future international dimension. atCarmen support them in scaling global through top tier networks, expertise and strategic support.
atCarmen expertise
atCarmen story


a journey made up of extraordinary people, rare friendships, great professionals, and strong synergies.

Our beginning


atCarmen our beginning

We have been honored to start our journey in the hotel and restaurant business in partnership with the creator of the “Great Italian Cuisine”: the “Maestro” Gualtiero Marchesi

The growth


atCarmen the growth

Our growth would not have been so meaningful without the precious influence of an aesthete, an artisan of living and eating well of the caliber of Alain Ducasse.

atCarmen the growth

Keep going


atCarmen keep changing

We couldn’t be so Contemporary Classic without the shine of the professionalism, reliability and creativity of Enrico Bartolini.

atCarmen keep changing

till now

Where are we now


Where are we now